Thanasis is looking for a Room / Studio / Apartment in Rotterdam

Thanasis is looking for: A Room / Studio / Apartment in Rotterdam

  • Room / Studio / Apartment
  • Min. 10 m2
  • Male
  • 19 Immediately

I am a very easy going person with a lot of hobbies, but they depend on my time,the place and the things that the area can provide me. In my spare time i like reading , watching TV series and going out for a walk. My ambition is to be an FnB manager in a big hotel or restaurant, cause i know after all these years of education and hard work what i am able to do and i can achieve it! I believe i would be a good tenant cause i am very quiet, honest and clean to everything i do without disturbing other people around me. I always pay my depths in time without the smallest delay and sometimes i pay up in front if neccesary.

General information: Thanasis
  Male, 29 years old
Type of tenant: Job seeker